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India has arrived. It is a saga of economic ascent making India a major destination for world investments. Every project which attracts such enormous investments has that classical factor of economic activity, land, as a key component. India indeed has a huge land mass, but land remains as hard to generate and manage as, even more than, labour, capital and enterprise. It is a key pressure point. Its acquisition is always a battle, a battle of more than wits. Land can abort an entrepreneurial dream or stultify it. Between a project’s success and failure lies land. Kings Infra Ventures has chosen to deal with this critical factor.

Kings has a constant tab on the economy, ever ready to face every business challenge. Kings is not weighed down by modesty when it talks of its expertise in land banking and infrastructure development. It finds land for every need. In the greater interest of professionalism, it keeps its transactions transparent. Kings also makes sure that local communities are with it while acquiring land for any project.

The focus is to create land banks for infrastructure development of world-class projects in key sectors like Integrated Life Spaces, Logistics, Warehousing, Hospitality, Health Care, Education and Clean Energy.

The approach is to be participative and foster inclusive development – open to national and international partnerships, to bring in resources, relevant technologies and expertise.

Our commitment is towards the safety of the environment, social development, community involvement and human capital enhancement. We also take on the responsibility for all State & Central Government clearances and approvals.

Our method is to form project-specific SPVs to galvanise broad-based resources and maximise returns to stake holders.

Our mission is to conceive new projects, create them and care for the communities among whom they are built.